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School Orders

  • School orders will only be delivered to the school; they will not be shipped.

  • Please put the name of the person receiving the item in 'Order Notes' on the check-out page. Putting a name in the 'shipping address' or anywhere else can result in the order being delayed. 

  •  General orders will be 'batched.' The table below shows the ordering window and when those items are scheduled to be delivered to the school. 

  • Items for specific teams/activities may be delivered outside of this window. 

Order Delivery Dates

Order Window
Delivery Date*
Sept. 29-Oct. 12
Week of Oct. 23
Sept. 15-Sept. 28
Week of Oct. 9
Oct. 13-Oct. 26
Week of Nov. 6
Oct. 27-Nov. 9
Week of Nov. 20
Nov. 24-Dec. 7
Week of Dec. 11
Nov. 10-Nov. 23
Dec. 8-Jan. 11
Week of Dec.4
Week of Jan. 22
Jan. 12-Jan. 25
Week of Feb. 5
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